Anesoft Web-based Simulators and Case Logs
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This page is designed to launch web-based Anesoft simulators and review uploaded cases. The web-based simulators use several different web technologies, each with their own technical limitations.

  • Anesthesia Simulator is built using HTML5 and Javascript. Therefore this application will operate in Internet Explorer 9 and 10, Firefox, Chrome and Safari on Windows and Macintosh computers. Anesthesia Simulator 6 will also operate on mobile device browsers, although the screen is designed for tablets, not smartphones.

  • ACLS, PALS, Rhythm and Sedation Simulators use Microsoft Silverlight. Therefore these applications operate in Internet Explorer 7-10, Firefox, Chrome and Safari on Windows and Macintosh computers. However, Microsft Silverlight must be installed and enabled on these computers. The Silverlight version will not operate on mobile devices. There are mobile versions of ACLS Simulator, PALS Simulator, and ECG rhythm recognition apps available for iPad/iPhone and Android tablets and smartphones, Kindle and Nook. See the appropriate store for these mobile apps.

  • Bioterrorism Simulator and Hemodynamics Simulator are built using Java and Javascript. Therefore these applications operate on Java and Javascript enabled browsers on Windows and Macintosh computers. For Windows, we suggest using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. For Macintosh, we suggest using Safari. These applications do not operate on mobile devices.